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Please read the following in regards to the Handling of Personal Information. Please place a check mark to accept the following terms. The inquiry form will not be sent if the terms are not accepted.

We treat Personal Information with great responsibility in accordance with Advantage Risk Management's Privacy Policy. We are committed to the security of personal information, allowing our customers to use our services securely without any concern.

*Customers' personal information will be used for the following purposes only, and will not exceed further than is necessary.

・When handling customer complaints or inquiries

*Depending upon inquiry content, the personal information of those using our services may be shared with the commissioned contractor or shared user, based on the usage regulations of each service.

・Applicable field: Fields within the inquiry form

・Method: Electronically, or via post

・Person responsible for shared use: Personnel in charge of Privacy Policy management

*We don't provide personal information of customer to any third party without the customers' consent.

*We use "SSL: encrypted communication"in this page on which you enter personal information so that you can use the data communication with a sense of security. We do not use tools such as cookies or web beacons to unobtrusively gain access to customer information.

Inquiries relating to the disclosure (disclosure, amendments, additions, and denial of usage and provision) of personal information, as well as information pertaining to customer information may be sent via this Inquiry Form.

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